‘Best friend and I shared drunken kiss – then she stabbed me 18 times’

A woman was stabbed 18 times by her then-best friend after a drunken kiss turned into a horror bloodbath.

Sarah Holden, 28, says she feels lucky to be alive after the ordeal left her with knife wounds to her head, neck, chest, abdomen and legs.

She had been enjoying a girls’ night in with her best friend of 17 years in July 2017, Shaunna Littlewood, when the pair shared a drunken kiss and decided to go to the bedroom.

Sarah, from Sheffield, South Yorks, was initially excited when Shaunna asked to tie her to the bed – but was left fighting for her life when she returned and stabbed Sarah 18 times – before her former pal chillingly sat and watched TV while leaving her to die.

Sarah had to undergo a 14 hour surgery, a tracheotomy and spent four days on life support recovering from her injuries including a tear to the heart wall, a collapsed lung and a perforated bowel.

Speaking out for the first time after Shaunna was jailed for attempted murder, Sarah said: “We had been friends for 17 years, we first met when she moved next door to me when we were kids.

“From the age of 16 we were inseparable, we went shopping together, we had sleepovers, we helped each other with family and relationship problems.

“She was the first person I came out as gay to.

“She had just moved into a nice new flat and invited me to spend the weekend.

“On Saturday night we decided to have a girls’ night in with a takeaway and some drinks.

“We got really drunk and after too many drinks I kissed her.

“She seemed really keen and even asked me if she could tie me up, so I agreed.

“I thought she’d gone to get a sex toy but when she came back she had a knife and I just remember this sharp pain in my legs.

“She had stabbed me three times before I even realised what was happening.

“I tried to scream but she had stabbed me in the neck and I couldn’t talk or make a sound.

“I remember laying there drifting in and out of consciousness thinking I was dying.

“I was terrified and devastated that I was only 24 years old and I’d done barely anything with my life before I was about to die.”

When her attacker was finished, Sarah recalls she put down the knife and said ‘sorry princess’ before she started watching TV.

Sarah’s life was saved when Littlewood called a family member confessing to her crime and asking for help, who subsequently called the police and an ambulance.

After pleading guilty to attempted murder, Littlewood was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum seven year jail term in February 2018.

Following the ordeal Sarah moved to South Shields and met her now fiance, Amy, 30, but says she still finds it difficult to trust people.

“For a long time I was in denial that she could have done this to me.

“I never thought in a million years that Shaunna of all people would hurt me, let alone try to kill me.

“I struggle to trust people now and I absolutely refuse to drink in the house, even with my fiance.

“It feels like if Shaunna could do that to me after 17 years of friendship, anyone could do it to me.

“It’s difficult to look at my scars but they are also a reminder that I survived, I’m lucky to be alive.”